HIV Intervention Work

To achieve its goals of preventing the spread of HIV, Aastha Parivaar spearheads a range of initiatives at every level of the community.

These initiatives are carried out by our 13 community based organisation (CBOs) based throughout Mumbai, Thane and Pune in conjunction with partner organisations and projects. Through these partnerships, we aid our CBOs in the running of monthly health camps, 6 monthly HIV testing camps and caring for members of our key population (KP) who have tested HIV positive:

Our Interventions Include:

  1. FHI 360- USAID funded LINKAGES project (Initiation:2015  Status: Ongoing)

Aastha Parivaar is currently implementing the FHI 360- USAID funded LINKAGES project. This project provides technical assistance to Targeted Intervention NGOs in Mumbai, Thane and Pune working with key populations (KPs – female sex workers). Aastha Parivaar works closely with FHI 360 Linkages team and the local stakeholders including MSACS, MDACS and the district authorities to achieve the LINKAGES goals.

  1. The Targeted Intervention (TI) Project (Initiation: 2013, , Status: Ongoing )

The Targeted Intervention (TI) Project: This project has been running for five years and has implemented HIV prevention for residential bar-based female sex workers in the Malad, Mumbai, and Dombivili, Thane. So far, the project has helped 2500 KP live healthier, HIV free lives.

  1. Continuum of Care (CoC)

Aastha Parivaar implemented the Continuum of Care (CoC) system which is specifically designed to suit the needs of sex workers.

The CoC program comprised of a referral network and services; including positive prevention counseling, monthly screening for opportunistic infections, clinical care, nutrition support, PLHIV support group membership and accompanied referral through ‘Buddies’ for Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) services at Government Centres.

  1. FPAI and FHI360

With the support of Family Planning Association of India and FHI 360, Aastha Parivaar has provided services including: motivating sex workers to undergo ICTC, STI diagnosis and treatment;  FP-HIV integrated service for sex workers; conducted sessions on gender and sexuality and contraceptive updates; educated KP on dual protection and counseling; and conducted training on FP – HIV communication material for Peer Educators and Outreach workers.

  1. Capacity Building

Capacity Building Unit for CBO (CBU for CBO) in Mumbai: Provided capacity building support to CBOs of FSWs, MSM/MSWs and TGs formed under the MDACS TI programs in Mumbai. The objective was to support CBOs to increase their HIV prevention capacity through providing training and aid on effective outreach, health camps and education.

Support for People Living With HIV (PLHIV)

Each of Aastha Parivaar’s CBOs has at least two support groups for people living with HIV, totaling 27 groups with 289 members. Groups meet each month and conduct exposure visits to various organizations that provide support in areas including nutrition, finance and legal advice. This exposure to the experiences of HIV-positive sex workers allows the CBOs to gain a better understanding of the clinical needs of these individuals.

Members of the community also have the opportunity for empowerment by nominating for positions such as Group Leader. These individuals are then responsible for the planning and implementation of support groups, mentored by professional Project Counsellors.

Aastha Parivaar also supports five HIV-positive transgender/male sex workers at two CBOs (Triveni Samaj Vikas Kendra and GAURAV). Financial support is offered to these individuals for basic living expenses including food, transport, medical costs and shelter.