At Aastha Parivaar, we believing in the community leading the program. Within our organization we have:

  • Peer educators: Members of the sex worker community who function as paid site managers at community-based organizations (CBOs), implementing programmes in the field on a daily basis.
  • Aastha Gats: The bases that provide direct access to information, services and support to the community in times of crisis.
  • Community-Based Organizations: Organizations that prioritise the specific needs of their micro-communities, addressing them through Aastha Gats and other means. One representative from the 7-member Managing Committee of each of the 13 CBOs is a part of the Governing Body of Aastha Parivaar.
  • General Body: Aastha Parivaar’s General Body is made up of all of the 7-member Managing Committees of the 13 CBOs. These 91 community members vote for Aastha Parivaar’s Managing Committee.
  • Governing Body: Aastha Parivaar’s Governing Body consists of 13 members, one representative from each CBO.
  • Managing Committee: Aastha Parivaar’s Managing Committee is selected from the 13 Governing Body members, voted on by the General Body. This committee consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and two general members. It sets priorities for the federation and addresses the common issues and needs of the entire sex worker community.

These committees and bodies meet regularly for management, vision and leadership capacity building, with elections held every three years.

Due to the success of our community-led model, Aastha Parivaar has become a resource centre for HIV intervention programmes and sex worker advocacy groups around the world.

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