Our organizational model’s uniqueness, success and sustainability lies in the empowerment of the community to lead its own interventions. The sex workers themselves assume an active role in leading their community’s development on every level.

There are 12 community based organisations (CBO’s) associated with Aastha Parivaar throughout Mumbai, Pune and Thane. These CBOs support and formalize self-help groups of sex workers, known as Aastha Gats.

Each CBO would have a 7 member Managing Body recommended by the Gat on the basis of their capability. These 12 Managing Bodies form the 84 member General Body of Aastha Parivaar, the Federation.

Simultaneously, each CBO also selects 1 member to form the 12 member Governing Body.

Next, each CBO also singles out one representative from the Governing Body to form the foremost Managing Committee wherein the General Body elects 7 out of 12 total candidates. A Secretariat of professionals assists the committees in administrative work.

These committees and bodies meet regularly for management, vision and leadership capacity building, with elections held every three years.

Due to the success of our community-led model, Aastha Parivaar has become a resource centre for HIV intervention programmes and sex worker advocacy groups around the world.