Not Like Most Young Girls



Not Like Most Young Girls

18 true stories from the urban underbelly.

“Not Like Most Young Girls” is a collection of short stories that peeps into the rarely seen real lives of Mumbai’s sex workers. Compiled by young scholars from the city’s eminent educational institutions, this collection aims to give a voice to the stigmatised individuals encountered on the streets and alleys of Mumbai’s red light districts.

The story of a childhood lost and a youth tarnished; the story of a thousand sex workers in the shadows of the city. An account of a homosexual sex worker coming out of the closet and the undying hope for a better future. An account of a woman’s life and her initiation into the profession – not all bed time stories are fairy tales… 

These are stories of women, men and hijras who have come together under Aastha Parivaar, a united federation of sex workers, to give a face to their community and claim the dignity that they deserve as much as any other person. “Not Like Most Young Girls” is more than a book – it is an attempt to fight the stigma and shame loaded upon this community by our society. It is an attempt to humanise these individuals; their lifestyle, feelings and contribution to society; and showcase that they are just like any one of us.

“Not Like Most Young Girls” is available to order online and in your local Crosswords bookstore. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Aastha Parivaar.

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