CBO Resources

An issue many of our community based organisations (CBOs) face when serving the community is illiteracy and language barriers. Many of our key populations and Peer Navigators stem from impoverished backgrounds in rural India, where they speak only local dialects and/or never have the opportunity to attend school.

To get around this, some of Aastha Parivaar’s CBOs, with the support of the FHI360 Linkages project, utilise a range of pictorial resources to educate the community on the risks of HIV and unprotected sex and how to maintain good health and wellbeing.

Outreach Resources

A selection of the wide range of resources used by our Malvani CBO and Targeted Intervention Centre (TI)

AIDS Progression Chart

This chart is used to showcase activities which accelerate progression of AIDS

HIV Wheel of Choice

Every layer of this wheel showcases a range of different life choices; including both safe sex practice and activities that lead to higher risk of HIV


These cylinders are used at health camps. The women are asked to guess what’s inside, with many guessing ‘gifts’ or ‘chocolates’, but when they pop off the lid, a phallus springs out giving them a fright. This is as a metaphor for practicing safe sex; no matter how innocent a package may appear, you never know what it’s carrying.

Role Play Dolls

Dolls used to represent a pimp, a boyfriend and a sex worker for educational role plays and scenarios

Fold-Out Picture Book

Showcases the progression of what happens when HIV is ignored.