Breaking the Cycle with Amazon Wishlist

Children using the donated materials from Amazon

Aastha Parivaar recently launched Life Skill Education Sessions; an initiative aimed at the children of our Aastha Parivaar key population communities.

The children, aged between 10 and 16 years, often come from deeply impoverished and dysfunctional families. These sessions aim to educate children on critical thinking; crisis identification and de-escalation; problem solving, and safety as well as encouraging school attendance until completion of college.

Life Skill Education Sessions occur once per week, where a team of volunteers and staff conduct a variety of fun activities and games. Children love coming to these sessions as it is different to their regular schooling, and also allows them to share and discuss the difficulties they encounter in their everyday lives. Many of these children are confronted with issues far beyond their years, such as domestic violence, drug abuse, child labor, early marriage, puberty, gender issues and more. Attending these sessions provides them with the opportunity to share and discuss these issues in a safe and supportive environment, as well as provide a welcome change from their regular schooling.

Donated stationary from Amazon

The support and relief provided has proved popular with the children, which shows in the happy faces of the increasing number of regular attendees. We have currently reached out to 76 children through these sessions; with that number expected to grow rapidly.

The Life Skill Education sessions would not be possible without the stationary provided by Amazon; for which we are extremely grateful. Having nice new stationary to use is often a novelty for the children we reach out to; and adds an extra layer of excitement and motivation to attend.

Due to its popularity, we will continue to use the stationary received from Amazon, as well as distribute extra products such as clothing and books.

Children at one of our Life Skill Education Sessions